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Interpersonal communications – We’re Judged on Our Behaviors

Early in life, we develop behavioral preferences and patterns which we find most comfortable. These patterns are partly the result of genetics and partly learned in our early years. Some people speak quickly and are interested in taking action, for example, while others speak more slowly and hesitate to act without deliberation. Some focus on personal relationships and are quick to show personal care, while others focus on business results and rarely reveal their feelings.Our behaviors are readily observable to others and directly affect our social interactions in all areas of life. Sometimes our behaviors are seen as positive and sometimes negative, particularly when our behavioral preferences clash with others’. Over 60 years of research has identified four behavioral styles. TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model defines these behavioral patterns and teaches specific techniques for creating productive relationships with people of any style.
John K. Whitehead & Associates offers a variety of training solutions focused on using the world-famous SOCIAL STYLE Model™ to improve interpersonal effectiveness. Courses vary in length and depth and are created for managers and leaders, sales professionals, and individual contributors.  By tailoring the programs, the participants learn the powerful Style techniques within the context of their daily responsibilities.Our SOCIAL STYLE training solutions not only teach more effective communication skills but can also help improve a person’s Emotional Intelligence. Working with people effectively involves a certain amount of self awareness and awareness of others.
John K. Whitehead & Associates offers the following training solutions:


TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Training for Managers teach interpersonal effectiveness skills specifically for Managers.  These solutions address the fundamental responsibilities managers face in their role including:
  •   Giving positive or corrective feedback
  •   Creating a positive work environment
  •   Delegation
  •   Mentoring and coaching
  •  Communicating up and down with others


TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Training for Sales Professionals teach interpersonal effectiveness skills specifically for Salespeople.  These solutions address the fundamental responsibilities salespeople face in their role including:
  •   Building rapport
  •   Overcoming indifference or resistance
  •   Encouraging a decision
  •   Asking for commitment



TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Training for a Universal Audience offer interpersonal effectiveness training for individual contributors or for a mixed audience.  These solutions address productivity issues including:
  •   Effective communications
  •   Giving and receiving feedback
  •   Dealing with workplace conflict
  •   Working with others


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