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Video Case Study: David – Blogging to Success

Video Case Study:  David – Blogging to Success

 David had been a coach for just over three years when we first connected, and like many coaches, his practice was experiencing many ups and downs and was not well focused. As David puts it, “It was kind of figuring out the next step for my business”. His practice primarily centered on presenting and selling a financial process and program to hotels but his strategies for doing so were rather disorganized. As David states, “I bounced around, I struggled a lot with questions like, how do I create clients? What’s my way to get clients? What’s my way to get business?”

As a coach I find that many of the business owners I work with have not taken the time to really understand their market, where or who is their “niche”. It was through coaching that David was able to find that sweet spot for himself and to recognize that he could own the ‘hotel financial coach’ space.

“I didn’t own the idea that I could be the hotel financial coach. And that’s really where I come from and that is really who I am, and you really helped me see that wasn’t such a big leap from where I was and that it was a natural place for me to go in the evolution of my business and once I got clarity around that it totally changed my business”.

Once David understood where his market was, he was able to then focus his attention on his niche and develop his brand and profile as the Hotel Financial Coach. David started to blog and very quickly found an audience within his market that was interested in the topic of financial leadership. David states that “before I started working with you, I had never ever written a thing… I decided to sit down one morning and write and then the idea that came out of our conversation was well do more of that. And I did that and now I [have enough] content for a book. I have over sixty thousand words on hospitality financial leadership and how to create a financially engaged leadership team”. David was able to do this because he was encouraged to take a chance, to step out of his comfort zone and try something new — to take ownership of the space he occupied.

David’s blogging started to get attention and led to invitations to speak at industry conferences, which has led to consulting and coaching work.

“It’s mind boggling. If you told me a year ago that in a year, I will have clients and they will be flying me across the country and they will be paying me thousands of dollars to speak and coach somebody, I would have said that’s what I want but I think you are crazy.”

David learned through being coached that each business is unique, and that dictates how they acquire clients. There really is no “one shoe fits all” but rather it is a combination of things. The way in which I reach my coaching clients is different than how David does, because he has a completely different niche than I do. By finding a unique approach that fit him, that was personal for him, he has been able to find success.

If you are interested in learning more about what David does, go to: http://hotelfinancialcoach.com/




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