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Behaviour EQ Training

Emotional Intelligence Courses:



Developing Behavioral EQ is a full-day course which provides an in-depth review of elements of Emotional Intelligence and strategies to improve performance. Participants receive detailed lessons and exercises to apply Emotional Intelligence in workplace situations.  The course includes the Behavioral EQ Multi-Rater Profile. Facilitating this course requires certification. You may choose to certify your own staff or use TRACOM’s certified instructors to deliver convenient and effective on-site training.



Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Profile Reports


The Behavioral EQ Multi-Rater Profile provides the most comprehensive picture of a person’s Emotional Intelligence.  It uses an online, multi-rater questionnaire and provides the most detailed report including in-depth information on the four dimensions of Behavioral EQ: Emotional Intelligence – Self, Behavioral Intelligence – Self, Emotional Intelligence – Others, Behavioral Intelligence – Others.




The Behavioral EQ Self-Perception Profile uses a self-completed online questionnaire to measure a person’s own view of their Emotional Intelligence.  An electronic profile is generated that explains the results and provides guidance about effectively applying Behavioral EQ.  The Behavioral EQ Concepts Guide is included in the profile.





The Behavioral EQ Concepts Guide and Self-Perception Questionnaire combine the paper-based questionnaire with a self-study Concepts Guide to help an individual understand the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence, measure their own abilities and improve their performance.