Are You Enabling Employees to Depend on You?

One of the most frequently complaints I hear from leaders is that about time management – they never seem to find time to get stuff done. In my coaching with them, I often learn that they are spending a lot of time responding to employees coming into their offices asking for help with problems they are facing. In this weeks Vlog post I talk about a solution to that particular time waster… how can you solve it?




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How Do We Listen to Understand?

Stephen Covey said that we need to listen to understand not to respond. Communications is the foundational piece and building block that I use in my work with clients. It is the primary Soft Skill that everything else builds upon. Understanding who we are starts here. In this weeks Vlog post I give a simple technique, or tool, to use that assists you in listening better, to get beyond that “first response” and dig deeper – my Pause Question.


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First, we had COVID then we had the knee…


As leaders how do we process what is happening right now? Heck, how do we process it as humans? There is a quote by MLK that states that we will remember not the words of our enemy’s, but with the silence of our friends. But as a white privileged male what can I or you, either white male or female do? We learn… in this week’s Vlog post I explore what all this means


COVID – Phasing Back into “Normal”

This is a bit of a tricky time where we are moving out from the lock-downs to partial openings. Moving from the “Neutral Zone” into the “New”. What does that mean for us as leaders, as managers? How do we transition bringing our people back into the workspace? In this week’s video I explore this question. What do think? I invite you to add your comments to this week’s vlog post…

COVID 19 – Operating in the Neutral Zone

What does it mean to be in the Neutral Zone (Bridges, 1991). Bridges talks about how when we move from the “old” to the “new” we must travel through the “neutral zone”. This time can be a difficult time and a creative time, it is “a time when a necessary reorientation and redefinition is taking place”.

In this week’s vlog post I explore this a little to dig deeper into how this time is impacting us and look ahead to the possibilities…