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Appraisal Institute of Canada
Angus Reid Institute
High Roller Games
Central Okanagan Food Bank
Vancouver Whitecaps FC (MLS)
Millennium Solutions Training Center (Dubai, UAE)
Cabin Forestry
Chartered Professionals in Human Resources BC & YK
Canadian Ski Patrol
Federated Co-operatives Limited
Okanagan College
Refinery Leadership Partners
Venture Training
Canadian Mental Health Assoc. Vernon & District Branch
Boyd Autobody
Sporting Kansas City FC (MLS)
University of British Columbia
Thompson Rivers University
Kingfisher Boats
City of Kelowna, BC
City of Vernon, BC
City of Kamloops BC
Atlanta Hawks (NBA)
Tolko Industries
Teck Resources
ThinkSpace Architecture
Petronas Energy Canada

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Written Testimonies:

I decided to work with John because of his focus on social styles, and what I appreciated the most about my time with him was that month-over-month deep dive into my ‘dove’ personality. I knew I was a dove (and I resented I was a dove), but I hadn’t truly appreciated how it impacted my emotional well-being at my job. I now accept my social style and am much more in tune with how it plays into my leadership and ability to feel “okay”. My three months with John didn’t perfectly solve everything, but it did open my eyes to my needs and ultimately led to me finally confronting a key team member about their impact on me (a conversation that was about five years overdue.) This has been a critical turning point in my personal growth. Thank you, John — I look forward to continuing to stand up for myself, and to leverage my social style for the better instead of considering it a liability.
S. A.


Absolutely a transformative experience. I reached out to John during a particularly difficult time. He helped me to discover not only what was important in my business but who. With this knowledge I had a more focused approached to improving myself and situation. During each of our sessions we would discuss recent interactions, challenges and obstacles. John would listen and always provided meaningful feedback as well as methods that were relevant and would aid in making a positive change. By practicing the skills and focusing on how best to show up for the individual, team or situation, I have gained so much confidence as a leader. Both my superiors and subordinates have recognized a positive change. I highly recommend coaching with John.
Scott Wynn, Occupational Health and Saftey Specialist, Tolko Industries


We were lucky enough to have John come in and talk to our Sales and Service staff over two days. He walked them through how to recognize different personality (behaviour) types in clients and each other. Followed by tips and tricks to use in those conversations. I highly recommend John talking to your staff. He was a great addition to our regular training and was extremely professional. Great person to work with!!! Highly recommend!!!
Brian Graham, Director, Atlanta Hawks & State Farm Arena


“John Whitehead has brought significant value, experience and teaching to both myself and the entire Sales and Service team at the Vancouver Whitecaps. We’ve brought him in for full sales and service sessions, as well as key manager executive training, and all of them have proved to be highly valuable. His coaching is direct and personalized for who he’s working with, and with his help the leadership acumen within the department has greatly increased. I’d highly recommend working with John.”
Colby Fackler, (past) Vice President, Partnerships & Tickets, Sales & Service at Vancouver Whitecaps FC
We had John in for a day long workshop at Sporting Kansas City last week. I knew after going through a condensed version at ALSD last year, that I wanted to bring him in to work with our staff. As expected, it was really great. It is some of the best feedback I have received from our Sales/Service reps after going through a training. It not only will help them working with their clients and prospects, but it is going to be extremely helpful with in office culture as well. Can’t recommend looking into his services enough.
Jordan Kelsey,  VP Ticket Sales & Service, Sporting Kansas City FC
“John left me with a greater understanding of myself and the tools needed to achieve personal success. I am grateful to have had him as a coach.
He created a comfortable environment with his humor, concentrated focus, questions and constant professionalism. The feedback he provided was thought provoking, allowing for self-exploration and personal decision making.
Adept at working through both professional and personal challenges, he was able to guide me through many personal “stuck” points, creating clarity and “aha” moments. Although I was not always clear as to what our talks would be about, he teased out deep rooted challenges needing discussion.”
Justin, Panama City, Panama

Thank you very much for coming in.  It was our most well received visit from an outside speaker ever.  About 10 people lunched together yesterday and went over what you talked about.  They were still talking about it today.
H. Hamilton, Sr. Sales Manager, Vancouver Whitecaps FC

John has been an incredible asset in helping us align our core values. His direction on effective communication within our team has given all of us a fresh perspective when working with each other and dealing with potential clients.
He is an active listener with keen insight into the inner dynamics of company relations.
His approach goes above and beyond the norm. Always there when you need him.
HIs summary of a session was very helpful in identifying areas that myself and the company could improve upon and at the same time, see our strengths for future success.
On a personal note – It was great to have John actually stop me sometimes during a conversation and point out a key point that I might have otherwise missed.
e will continue to work with John as our company grows in the years to come.
Derek Hodgins, CEO High Roller Games
A professional experience with a personal touch:
John creates a wonderful experience that allows me to explore what’s going on in my head, throw ideas out into the open and together we look for those gems of truth. His skillful questions, kindness and reflections have helped me find paths through barriers in order to step closer to my goals. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a coach to anyone considering their next steps or struggling with achieving their goals
Sandra, Kingston ON
“Completely Inspired” is how John left me feeling after one short meeting. He is not only humorous, engaging, and approachable, he is deeply passionate and knowledgeable about Social Styles, Leadership and Coaching.
John and I initially started our meeting talking about Social Styles. I had heard this concept before and taken a course on it, but I was amazed at how John was able to take the broad Social Styles concept and not only break it down for easier digest- he made it applicable to my daily life. I’m excited that what I learned from him is something I can apply to business and personal worlds.
John was so passionate about helping people develop themselves that I had to ask about his journey to this point. I was impressed that he was able to keep his natural flare and enthusiasm while obtaining designations within the industry to build on his credibility and knowledge. The combination speaks volumes about his character.
I highly recommend John to any individual who wants to take themselves to new levels of development and to companies who want to inspire and motivate their employees.
Thank You John!
Christy W.
“John Whitehead has been an incremental part of my success. He is a teacher, who sees the strength and ambition of his clients and allows them to discover it while reaching their goals of becoming increasingly successful in their career. Communication with oneself and with others through an understanding of social styles and emotional intelligence are incredible skills and strong resources to have. Being able to apply this to your employees, co-workers, colleagues and business networking, I believe, is paramount in achieving your highest goals, and the one to get you there is John Whitehead.
Teri K.
“John has played a huge role in my professional development …and has acted as my mentor for the last few years…  As the longest-standing employee in a small office, constantly coping with change and working with such a wide variety of personalities has been challenging for me.  During that time John has been there for me – listening to my concerns and helping me come to solutions I can live with.  John never gives me the “right answer”, even when I want him to.  Instead, he listens to my concerns without judgement, asks questions about what I want and need, and forces me to see my issues from my co-workers perspectives”.
Nicole N.
“Your workshop completely altered my understand of myself and how I act and encourage others to do as I do. Thanks for doing what it is you do, you have, without doubt helped alter my perspective on my life own life, and for others after you shared with me your knowledge. Thank you John.”
Shayn R. Kelowna (FiveDiamondstattoo.com)

“(I)  worked with John for over 10 years and I’ve admired his ability to pull together various ideas and summarize & articulate an objective from the group. John has developed a strong understanding of Social Styles and can deliver a memorable and useful presentation to groups or individuals”.
Jonathan M.
“I was fortunate to have John as a colleague and a resource…. His ability to see the larger picture and develop solutions that are relevant to the members of his team is exceptional. He is an effective and engaging teacher and trainer one-on-one or with a larger group”.
Rob W.
“Thank you so very much for all the things you have taught me. You have enriched my life and really helped me deal with challenging people.”
Coaching client
“Thanks to John I was able to gain some valuable insight into my experience as a manager, especially in regards to managing employees. Learning what works and what doesn’t in my business is a huge asset. Thanks John!”
Katie S.
“John is an excellent coach. His approach forces you to really think about a situation and guides you to find a solution to your problems. I have had an amazing experience working with John and am very grateful for his teachings. It has greatly improved my personal and professional life”
Susan. Kelowna
“Thanks John for your informative and interactive presentation at our recent national conference.  Not only are your insights on interpersonal communication valuable, you present them in an understandable and entertaining manner.  My lingering impression is your passion for this topic – keep up the good work”.
Allan B.
“The workshop was very interactive, and the facilitator did a great job of drawing people in to the exercises – even people who tend to be reticent. Participants left the workshop with practical tools they can use to communicate more effectively.   I have attended other “personality type” workshops in the past, and found this one to be refreshing and valuable. I highly recommend  this workshop to any organization that wishes to improve its members’ verbal communication skills”.
Elvin G.
“John… is one of the best and experienced contributors on BusinessGists.com I have ever met in my life and one of the smartest professionals I have ever worked with”
Samuel Adesanya



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