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Social Intelligence (SOCIAL STYLE)

“We’re judged on our behaviors.”


What is Social Intelligence?

Social Intelligence refers to the ability to understand and manage our Behavioral Style, Mindset and Emotional Intelligence to optimize interpersonal relationships. It deals with unconscious biases that we may not yet understand, but that can be learned and controlled. At its heart, Social Intelligence is the science of productive relationships. And modern neuroscience shows that it can be harnessed and improved.Organizations that foster Social Intelligence experience higher performance because their teams become more productive, collaborative and resilient.There are three core elements in each of us: Behavioral Style, Emotional Intelligence and Mindset. Each element is highly interdependent, creating a holistic picture of what makes us tick as social individuals.

Of the three elements of Social Intelligence, your Social Style is the easiest for others to assess. They may not see your Emotional Intelligence or identify your Mindset, but they can tell if you’re animated, rushed or sulking. The way you behave has a direct impact on your interactions with others and on your success in the workplace.

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