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Presents a unique Team-Building experience using Handbells.

If you looking for something different to kick off a meeting or want to have an event to kick-start a project, consider this unique activity.

team-building using handbells



Handbells ringing is unlike any other activity, it takes attention, communication and co-ordination. The Handbell Team Building Exercise takes participants out of their comfort zone, gives them an opportunity to try something new, while at the same time building inter-dependency, interpersonal communications, cooperation and FUN!

Organizations that have used this Team Building Exercise talked about the experience long after.


“Excellent. Jazz as a metaphor for team cannot be an exercise. This does!”

“It was very interactive and entertaining.”

Great presentation — an active example of putting principles in action. Repeat every conference!!!”

“Loved it! Thanks for giving us such a fun chance to try something new!”

“Fun and meaningful”

“What a great idea for teaching teamwork! Thank you!”




Read how Handbell Ringing helps create a team

Used as a stand alone activity or as a prequel to the SOCIAL STYLES workshop, it is guaranteed to be an effective and fun event.


find out how this activity can fit into your meeting or event