Leadership Coaching

What is Coaching, How Does it Work?

Interested in what coaching is all about? Have you considered hiring a coach but not sure what some of the things that they talk about? In this week’s video I give you a little window into how I provide coaching sessions. Interested in knowing more? Give me a call or…

Thank You!

Over the past number of years, I have been producing these video blog post and written many blogs on the subject of leadership, leadership Development and Coaching. It has been really gratifying and humbling to see the reaction to many of my posts. Thank You! #leadership, #leadershipdevelopment, #leadershipcoaching,

The Importance of the Clarity of Expectations

One of the themes that comes out in my work as an Executive and leadership Coach is the importance understanding whether or not you are being clear on what your expectations are for your team. This week’s Vlog explores how you can increase your clarity for two of the four…