Leadership Development

What Is Your Challenge This Week?

What is your challenge today? This week? Next month? How can you resolve it? By when? What do you need to accomplish this? This week’s Vlog post explores these questions…. Want to know more? reach out to me by email at john@johnkwhitehead.ca or schedule a call —>>>>>

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate: The when’s & how’s

This week I discuss how and when we communicate with our direct reports and others. Keeping open communication and letting others know you are accessible is one of the keys to being a good leader. So, what are some of the things we can do to make this happen? John…

Video – How Do Your Values Equate to Your Credibility?

If you had asked me nine to ten years ago to articulate the importance of vales and what mine were, I would not have been able to. It has been my learning journey, specifically over the past nine years that has enabled me to do so now…. How Do Your…