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COVID-19, Are You Taking Care of Your Self First?

COVID-19. Before we take care of others – we need to take care of ourselves first. As leaders we won’t be of any use to anyone else unless you are taking care of ourselves yourself. Do you have a routine to follow? Are you finding time to exercise, to read?…

Why Do You Need An Accountability Partner?

Why Do You Need An Accountability Partner – Not just for COVID 19, but at anytime? I discuss how having an accountability partner can help us with our day to day, week to week activities – keep us on track. Maybe more important so as we are faced with “stay…

COVID: Leading in This New Environment

I have already commented on leading and managing when workers are remote, but what about the essential workforce. How do we lead and manager and keep our physical distancing – and should we still be doing that?   Please sign up for my blog posts at https://johnkwhitehead.ca/blog-2/