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Interview with Tammy Dunnett for the Leadership Communications Expo

This week’s Vlog post is an interview I did a few weeks ago for the Leadership Communications Expo hosted by Tammy Dunnett. It was my privilege to be one of many communication experts and gurus speaking on communications from the leadership perspective. It’s a bit longer than my usual vlog…

COVID: Leading in This New Environment

I have already commented on leading and managing when workers are remote, but what about the essential workforce. How do we lead and manager and keep our physical distancing – and should we still be doing that?   Please sign up for my blog posts at https://johnkwhitehead.ca/blog-2/

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate: The when’s & how’s

This week I discuss how and when we communicate with our direct reports and others. Keeping open communication and letting others know you are accessible is one of the keys to being a good leader. So, what are some of the things we can do to make this happen? John…

The Soft Skill Art of the Critique

My last three posts have focused on the ability to learn — an incredibly important soft skill, perhaps even more so than self-awareness, since without it there is no ability to grow or improve. This may be the ultimate “the chicken or the egg” scenario. What comes first: self-awareness or…