Handling Communications During COVID19

How do we deal with the inundation of communications while working through the COVID 19 pandemic? The lines between home and office have been blurred and we are being overloaded with ZOOM calls and emails at all times of the day. This is causing higher stress levels on top of everything else – so how can we handle it? In this week’s Vlog I explore some ideas.

COVID-19, Are You Taking Care of Your Self First?

COVID-19. Before we take care of others – we need to take care of ourselves first. As leaders we won’t be of any use to anyone else unless you are taking care of ourselves yourself. Do you have a routine to follow? Are you finding time to exercise, to read? In this weeks Vlog post I talk about this and more….

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Why Do You Need An Accountability Partner?

Why Do You Need An Accountability Partner – Not just for COVID 19, but at anytime? I discuss how having an accountability partner can help us with our day to day, week to week activities – keep us on track. Maybe more important so as we are faced with “stay at home” orders… This video is a little longer than usual but you have a great view of the Okanagan Valley 🙂


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COVID: Leading in This New Environment

I have already commented on leading and managing when workers are remote, but what about the essential workforce. How do we lead and manager and keep our physical distancing – and should we still be doing that?


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