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Getting to “Trust”

Getting to “Trust”



In this week’s video blog post I think about the whole are of “trust” – how do we get there? Kouzes and Posner in their work “The Leadership Challenge” observed how their Characteristics of Admired Leaders aligned with the work on source credibility by Berlo, Lemert & Mertz (1969).  K & P’s top four characteristics of admired leaders are: Honest, Forward-looking, Competent & Inspiring. The work on source credibly found that a source of information is found credible when that source is found to be trustworthy, demonstrate expertise and be dynamic. Honest lines up with trust, expertise lines up with competence and dynamic lines up with inspiring….


So…. Is trust just being an outcome of credibility? If you are seen as credible, does that allow for trust to occur. Because it seems to me that trust for trust sake may not be enough? If you are having challenges of trust – what is lacking? Is it really about trust or is something else – credibility maybe? And if so what part of credibility… maybe its expertise or lack of inspiration?

What do you think?



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