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Setting Targets for the New Year?

Setting Targets for the New Year?

Happy New Year

It’s that time of year when we start to take a look ahead at what we want to achieve in the coming New Year and at the same time reflect on where we have come from since this same time last year.  It is fascinating to read the posts that start to appear on LinkedIn and other social media sites as “experts” list off the “best of….” and “Top 10….” things one has to do for the year ahead.

I went back over my blog posts and noticed that there are some years I write something on the subject and other times I haven’t. Last year I didn’t write anything about moving into a new year or new resolutions, I seemed to have skipped it completely. For the end of December 2014 had a title that seemed to position it for looking ahead to 2015 (For 2015, First Know Yourself) but as I read it is pretty generic and could in fact be a post to be read at any time throughout the year. In December 2016 I posted this article which I have modified a little… enjoy.

Why do we concentration so much attention on “what we need to change” at the beginning of every year, year after year, when we should actually be focusing on that throughout the year. One of my core values is learning. I’m a believer in continuous learning and I am privileged to be able to do that week in week out as coach and teacher. We should all be attempting to learn a few new things every week, if not every day.

There is very old saying that the only constant is change and I have found that to be true. Yes, take time to reflect on the past year and to look ahead to what you want to accomplish in 2017. But don’t stop there, make it a practice to do this whether it is quarterly or monthly or even weekly. What are your long, medium and short range plans? Being open to learning new things and the change they create is for everyone but for leaders, especially true and I would say even critical – it is not an option. Akin in his study on learning habits (Varieties of Managerial Learning) found that managers/leaders were “surprisingly congruous… Learning is experienced as a personal transformation. A person does not gather learnings as a possession but rather becomes a new person… to learn is not to have, it is to be.” (Akin, G. (1987). Varieties of Managerial Learning. Organizational Dynamics16(2), 36-48). We become who we are through our continuous learning, especially about self which brings me back to my post of December 2014 and its message; by first learning about, understanding and accepting ourselves … and then learning about and understanding others, we can begin to communication and behave in a way that reduces frustration and stress, and ultimately creates a better environment whether at work, home, or leisure.


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