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Watershed Moments

Watershed Moments


This week was a wateSeattlePierrshed for me as I completed the Certified Executive Coach (CEC) program. I am now a qualified executive coach. The certification program was important to me as I am a strong believer in certification of competencies as a way professionalizing and providing credibility to a profession. If you want to get your car repaired, you hire a certified auto mechanic. If you need a plumber you look for someone who has completed a trades program and is a licenced plumber. Think of the last time you required a professional of any kind. Hopefully you looked for someone who could demonstrate that he or she has completed the appropriate training. Admit it — when you visit your dentist or doctor, you read the diplomas on the office wall! So now I can count myself among those professionals who are serious enough to gain certification in their chosen field.

Royal Roads University’s Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching program is an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), consisting of 125 Professional Certified Coach (PCC) learning hours. It is an intensive seven month program that includes one week of on-site classes (residence), on-line learning, and a final three day residency. It is also the only graduate level coaching program in a Canadian university. Obviously, I highly recommend it to anyone considering executive coaching as a career.

As we completed this last few days on campus we had the opportunity to observe our fellow students panel in front of faculty auditors and other professional coaches. It was interesting to note the different styles individuals brought to their coaching, although all had the same goal – to serve their clients. The richness of the experience each client received was a common reflection, and even for those of us observing the panels, the learning continued as we gleaned ideas and new questions to use later in our own practices. The feedback I received from my fellow students after my examination was just as important as the feedback I received from the auditors.

The learning never ends. I already have my next course scheduled, an on-line course on mindfulness and resiliency. I believe learning should never end, not just for the sake of learning but for the purpose of being better prepared to assist others. I know that the more aware I can become, the better I will be able to assist others reach their dreams, goals and targets. I also really enjoy it!

So now I turn my attention full time to developing my coaching practice. I have a roadmap to follow, I have the skills and competencies to use and am ready to take on the challenge. My posts to date have mirrored my learning. I know that will continue to be the case.

Oh yes… if you know anyone looking for an executive leadership coach…:)

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