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Do You have a Compelling Vision of Your Future?

Do You have a Compelling Vision of Your Future?

And if you do, are you sharing that vision with others? Specifically, and in the context of leadership, with those of whom you lead?

Following up to my last Vlog post where I asked the question “What is your Vision for your organization? Can you envision what the ideal and unique future is for your team?” How are you bringing others along on that journey, sharing that vision you have for your organization? As Dan Schwab, former director of Training and Development, The Trust for Public Land stated,” One of the greatest gifts you can give others is the understanding that they can think bigger things than they believe they can. It’s contagious. What limits vision in an organization is nobody being willing to speak up for one. But once you do, there is a sort of avalanche or landslide factor; it just keeps rolling.”

Let me know what you think.



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