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What is “No”, “But”, and “However”…?

What is “No”, “But”, and “However”…?

In his book “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There”, Marshall Goldsmith gives us the Twenty habits That Hold You Back from the Top. One of these is starting with “No”, “But or “However” and how the overuse of these negative qualifiers says to others; “I’m right, you are wrong”. One of the things I really appreciate about Marshall is his willingness to share freely his intellectual property, in fact actively encouraging people to use his “stuff”. This is one of the reason’s I decided to invest in myself and become a certified Coach with his stakeholder coaching process (https://www.marshallgoldsmith.com/stakeholder-centered-coaching/)

In this weeks video blog post I talk about a recent coaching conversation I had with a client where this came up.


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